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About Urszula D. Krezel

I am a trainer and avid curator of some of the finestinformation sites.

My biggest passion in life lies in self development, meditation, success, teaching others as well as social media and internet.  I am also interested in the mind and how it works.

I have a big adventures soul and I am very passionate about traveling, getting to know like minded people and enjoying everything that life has to offer.

I live in Melbourne, Australia and I love the beauty of it. The place where I live is like a paradise. I get everyday visits from kangaroos, hear kookaburra’s sounds and cockatoos nearly every day. Nature energizes me and gives me freedom to an unlimited creativity.

I love this Southern Land with it’s uniqueness and beauty. That’s why I created this site to give you a great experience of Australia and it’s nature. Here you can let go of all worries and can indulge in the sounds of Australian Outback in a form of smoothing sounds of exotic meditations.

I look forward to connecting with you in the future!

Urszula D. Krezel

All the articles I have written on this site appear here.

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