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The Explore Meditation website is a wonderful resource of on How To Meditate, and the different Meditation Techniques you can practice, they also have a great range of Guided Meditation MP3 files you can download to assist your Spiritual Growth. For those hey also offer guided meditations covering topics like; Meeting Your Spirit Guide, talking with your Higher Self and Inner Child, Chakra Balancing, Past Life Regression, White Light Protection, and several more. You can check it out here.
Soothing Programs By Best Selling Author And Composer Max Highstein are one of the best for anyone who wants to experience deeper relaxation. The Healing Waterfall, The Healing Well, Visiting Angels, Magic Island And More. Highest Quality Programs, Free Audio Samples, Beautiful Presentation. Sold As Singles And Bundles. The site offers free meditation samples as well. Check it out here. 
Stress is a big issue for many people. Busy schedules, financial woes and constant communication has limited our ability to simply relax and unwind. Our mind work in ways we will never understand. More importantly, think of when your best ideas come to you, it happens when you are not trying to solve problems. It usually happens when you are relaxed, on vacation, or sleeping.If you want to relax, unwind and relive stress then check out this mediation audio here.
Chanting, vibrations…the power of acoustics has been manipulated and leveraged by mankind for thousands of years. Sounds trigger memories, stir energy and heal. MP3 Meditation Club strives to provide you with top-notch audio products that stimulate brainwaves and provide a range of far-reaching benefits for your body, mind and soul. Great source of different meditation techniques you can find here
Meditate deeper, meditate longer and meditate easier than ever before with these amazing binaural beats audios. Everything you do has a dominant frequency associated. When you are in a state of relaxation your brain waves have a certain frequency. When you are alert and driven they have a totally different frequency. When you are trying to meditate and your mind is racing you can’t calm it easy because your brain waves are in different frequency. Interesting concept and if you want to know more click here.
This breakthrough Meditation Technique is guaranteed to eliminate the time it takes for you to enjoy the many benefits of meditation….as soon as you start meditate 10 minutes a day, you will achieve good health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Just click here.
Pressure at work, relationship, and the strain of everyday living can take a tall on you. If you want o stop yourself going crazy with stress in under 9 minutes, without taking medication, paying hundreds of dollars on doctors or giving up on your health and well being all together, then this Guided Meditation Program, called “The Re-awakening” might help you to relax and let go. Check it out here.

Science has proven that the human brain is the most complex computing machine we have ever seen. But are we really using all that computing power? Discover how quickly and easy you can train your brain for clarity and power with any MP3 player so you can sky-rocket you IQ, melt away stress, boos your creativity, your energy, your focus and have more peace of mind with this ‘Genius Brain Power’ collection.



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