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Meditation Techniques To Ease Back Pain

Written by Urszula Krezel, Senior Editor  Are you searching the internet for meditation techniques to ease back pain? There is good news for you if you suffer from chronic back pain, because there are several simple meditation techniques that provide relief when the pain is unbearable. Here at Outback Meditation you can find many techniques that can help you ease back pain. First, let’s start with a quick look at recent research in meditation techniques to ease back pain, so [...]


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Why Meditate You Ask?

Meditation is extended concentration. It means to concentrate on that which you are interested in. Meditation really works, it transforms lives. It is a major turning point for many people. If you look back at the history, meditation has been used by many people to awaken more personal power, creativity, energy and insight. They may not have called it meditation exactly, but anyone who closes their eyes and looks within falls into this category. Sometimes they call it internal imaging [...]


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