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Meditation Techniques For Busy People

If you are a busy person then you probably wander if you can somehow get of your treadmill and slow down a bit. If you feel that you have no time to sit down and close your eyes in meditation then this information can be very useful. Ladan Soltani, author of ”Fabulous Fitness at 40” writes in the Huffington Post, that the best method that helped her to slow down is “Meditation on the go”. She used to live – [...]


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Relaxation Techniques for Arthritis Pain Relief

If you suffer from arthritis try relaxation for arthritis pain relief as a way to ease the constant physical challenge and get your mind of focusing on the pain . This article published by Sheramy Anderson takes a look at how discharging your mind’s anxiety and your own body’s stress can bring immediate relief by implementing couple simple relaxation techniques. Relaxation Techniques for Arthritis Pain Relief Whenever we have stress filled feelings and ideas, we can frequently project this tension [...]



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