How to Live A Stress Free Life With Mediation

How to Live a Stress Free Life With Meditation?

How to live a stress free life with mediation in today’s world? Physically and psychologically stress can take a toll. Many medical researchers have found links between stressful lifestyle and the development of coronary heart disease, cancer and headaches. Dr Lauren Deville states that an estimated 75% and 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress related illnesses!
Just thinking about the statistics is stressful! With all the technological development to make our lives easier we have less free time than 20 years ago. We have moved away from peaceful and stress free nature to lives constantly on call with the ever present cell phone and to achieve a certain life style and having a meaningful job.

How to Live A Stress Free Life With Mediation?

There are many techniques that can help to release stress:

  • Relaxation techniques.  Choose one or more of the following suggestions to practice regularly.  Notice that all of these techniques involve a shift in focus — that is the key.
    1. Prayer: The idea that we are in control of our own lives is an illusion anyway.  Prayer reminds us to place our focus not on the problem, but on the One who can lead us to the solution.  Pray about your concerns, but then be still and listen.  You might be surprised what you’ll hear.
    2. Meditation is the art of clearing your mind and focusing intently on a single image, phrase, or idea.  Worry involves the constant focus on a negative thought or idea, while meditation is the intentional focus on a positive idea.  For example, I meditate on Bible verses that speak specifically to my circumstance.  Instead of worry and fear, I begin to see the positive solution I hope for as I focus on these words.  My hope then turns into faith as I choose to believe the verses on which I am meditating.
    3. Guided imagery.  When you worry, you are using your imagination to envision a negative outcome.  Why not use the powerful tool of your mind in order to achieve the opposite effect?  There are many terrific guided imagery CDs that can help you with this technique if you are not yet adept at creating powerful images on your own.
    4. Yoga.  This form of slow, methodical stretching holds each pose long enough to release stored tension in the muscles that are forced to relax.  It also emphasizes proper breathing (see below).
    5. Deep breathing.  This is a quick way to bring your body into a parasympathetic (or a “not stressed”) state.  When muscles are tense, they seize up, inhibiting blood flow and oxygenation.  Deep breathing provides more oxygen to your tissues, helping to release that tension.   Breathe in and out to a count of five seconds each, expanding your stomach rather than your chest.  This drops your diaphragm, fills your lungs to capacity, and slows your heart rate.
    6. Massage.  This technique forces blood flow back into tense muscles, which both delivers oxygen and whisks away toxins that have stagnated in the tissues. Original post here.

They are great tips for stress free life. One of the tips clearly states how to live a stress free life with mediation. I have to agree with Dr Lauren Deville, meditation is one of the best stress relievers there is.

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