Kriya Yoga Meditation Techniques For A Fulfilling Life

Kriya Yoga Meditation Techniques For A Fulfilling Life

Have you heard about Kriya Yoga meditation techniques? Kriya Yoga is described as one form of kundalini yoga and it is designed to remove negativity and blockages from your energy system, so your psyche can return to is natural state which is full aliveness – free flow of energy.

All real spiritual paths have as their goal to remove all restrictions from your body so you can set yourself free from all limitations and restrictions in your body energy. If you want to feel good and see the benefits you have to start today. You can try Kriya Yoga meditation techniques for a fulfilling life, they are very straightforward and easy to do.

Kriya Yoga Meditation Techniques For A Fulfilling Life

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga varies from hatha yoga because the emphasis is less on the physical poses than on breath, chanting and meditation. It is considered a ”yoga of awareness,” and is closely associated with the Sikh faith, a Northern Indian-based religion founded in the fifteenth century. When practicing kundalini, you use a combination of breathing techniques, mantras, mudras and some physical poses to move energy up through the seven chakras, which are believed to be spiritual centers of the body that connect to and govern major organs and physiological systems.

Kirtan Kriya

Kirtan kriya is a singing mediation exercise. Kirtan in Sanskrit means “song,” and kriya refers to a specific set of movements. In this case, you chant the mantra “Sa Ta Na Ma” repeatedly for 12 minutes while touching the thumb to the pointer finger, then the middle finger, then the ring finger and lastly to the pinky. The mantra “Sa Ta Na Ma” is specifically designed to cultivate positivity: “Sa” signifies birth, “Ta” signifies life, “Na” signifies death and “Ma” signifies rebirth. You enunciate each sound with your tongue touching the roof of the mouth, and inhale one full breath at the beginning of each round. This consistent pattern of breath — as well as many variations similar to it — is known as pranayama. There is also particular emphasis on the fingertip positions, or mudras, that are thought to further control the flow of energy.

Om Kriya

The Om (or Aum) mantra is central to another kriya meditation technique that uses sound in combination with breath. The deep vibrational hum of “Om” represents being one with the universe. This is a good beginner’s meditation practice – you simply sit in a cross-legged position with your hands on your knees and palms facing up, thumb and pointer finger touching. With eyes closed, chant “Om” as long as possible before inhaling deeply and chanting again. Repeat this until the mind is calm. As in the case of kirtan kriya, Om kriya uses a combination of mantras, pranayama and mudras. Original article here.

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