Meditation Techniques For Busy People

Meditation Techniques For Busy People

If you are a busy person then you probably wander if you can somehow get of your treadmill and slow down a bit. If you feel that you have no time to sit down and close your eyes in meditation then this information can be very useful.

Ladan Soltani, author of ”Fabulous Fitness at 40” writes in the Huffington Post, that the best method that helped her to slow down is “Meditation on the go”. She used to live – as she says -”in the fast line” and this meditation technique worked for her and have created many positive changes in her life. Here is what she has to say:

Meditation Techniques For Busy People

So ʻwhy meditateʼ? Many people approach me and share they are far too busy to dedicate a time during the day which they can commit to being still. Besides, “my head is to busy to stop thinking” is what I regularly hear. These are the people who need it the most. Meditation gives you freedom in your mind and a real sense of clarity. If you have a calm mind, the decisions and choices you make are clearer.

Have you ever turned up a stereo to its maximum volume and been deafened by the distorted sounds? How can one hear a quality note amongst the sound of chaos? I know, my mind and thoughts become so fragmented when I donʼt devote the time to be still. We work out in the gym to look physically in shape to look our best so surely if the mind has the same amount of attention as our body, we would have masterly over our lives? Not only, does my practice help me to connect to who I am, to others and my surroundings, it also sets me up for the day and anchors me so I truly enjoy and cherish living in the moment.

Meditation on the go

Whilst your standing at a check-out of the supermarket or waiting on the street for a friend, take your legs slightly apart and feel where your heels are touching the ground. This will make you drop down into your body and gets you out of the analytical head.

Be present and aware of how your body is feeling whilst observing your breath. Visualize growing roots like a tree from the soles of your feet and plug them deep down into the earth and draw the earths energy back into your body. This simple, yet powerful technique will not only ground you by bringing your awareness back into your own center.

It will also connect your mind and body. We seem to neglect the body when we live in our head. When we internalise stress, it manifests into the physical body and can create emotional blockages or tension. To avoid this, we need to create harmony between mind and body by allowing ourselves to feel by staying anchored. This technique when practiced on a regular basis will miraculously transform your life and give you a great sense of discipline. Read more here. 

Meditation techniques for busy people can be easy done without the hassle of sitting down. They are quick because they require minimum time commitment. In the beginning just one minute can make a big difference over time if that’s all you can commit to. Just start and you will see positive changes in your life.

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