Meditation Techniques With Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer suggests to create your own “I AM” mantra that can and will provide you with the ability to live a wishes fulfilled life.

Meditation Techniques With Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

We are in the month of January 2013 and many people are in the process of setting goals and putting their intentions in place. In that in mind it is a good idea to implement some meditation techniques with Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, affectionately called the “father of motivation” to make the intentions even more powerful. As many of you know Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, the most successful self-help teacher and motivational speaker, meditates every day to be closer to the Source. That’s where comes all his creativity and passion.

While doing his research for his book ‘Wishes Fulfilled’ he discovered some divine sounds that placed a strong emphasis on the significance of the words “I am that I am”.  In his article for ‘The HuffingtonPost’, Dr. Dyer says: “These are the words written in the spiritual literature of the Torah, which is the first five books of the Old Testament, in which God tells Moses, “This is my name forever. A name by which I shall be known for all future generations. I am that I am.” Here is the rest of the article:

Meditation Techniques With Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

The first time I meditated to these sounds, I was hooked. This has been called the most powerful meditation tool in the history of the world. This is how I use it every day. I encourage you to become open to the idea that these sounds when accompanied by your own “I AM” mantra can and will provide you with the ability to live a wishes fulfilled life. The two words “I AM” are the name of God. Thus, when you use these words I encourage you to keep in mind, this is your own name as well. I urge you to be mindful of what you say to yourself when you use the name of God.

“I AM” should always have that which is aligned with God in the same sentence. Here’s how I use these powerful frequencies in my daily meditation practice. Think of the five words — “I am that I am.” In your mind, place a comma after the word “that.” Let “that” represent for you what you would like to manifest, or become as a person. I can’t stress this enough — write down on paper precisely what that represents for you. Whatever constitutes your wish, write it down and in your mind, call it “that.” For example, “that” could mean your perfect health or abundance or a specific job or a happy, loving partnership. Write it down and be specific. And as you close your eyes in meditation, let your inner mantra be “I am that.” For example, “I am perfect health,” “I am abundance,” “I am in possession of the job I seek.” Original article here.

It is great to know that in quiet times, you are a Creator, and you are ONE with the thing you want the most. When you are meditating, allow yourself to feel “that” you desire the most. You might feel excitement, joy, happiness or you might feel sad or fearful. Don’t worry, just keep meditation. Experience the feelings and let them go. 

Meditation techniques with Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, are very east to do! They can be implemented today!  The best advise we can give it: “Just follow his teachings. He is the “father of motivation”! He knows what he is talking about!”




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