Quick Meditation Techniques In The Garden

Quick Meditation Techniques In The Garden

Do you struggle with a lack of time and a busy schedule? Do you eat your meals on the go and are late for your appointments? Do you feel that there is never enough time to do what you want to do?

If yes, you are not alone. Too much to do can be very stressful and exhausting. Some things like  exercise or your hobby are often  on the back burner because there is no time to fit them in. This can in turn build up frustration, disappointment and sadness that you are the last person in all of this roller-coaster.

Have you heard about quick meditation techniques in the garden? Daron (Farmer D) Joffe in his article for U.S. News Health writes something that might be useful for you and help you to slow down and be fully present.

Quick Meditation Techniques In The Garden

I have wonderful, welcome, easy-to-use news for you. There is a way to slow down, be fully present and find your healthy center again, and it’s as close as your backyard or even corporate garden (if you’re lucky enough to have one). You don’t even have to get involved in building, planting, and tending that garden unless, of course, you can’t help yourself once you start to see the benefits from being out there. Let’s just start with using time in the garden as a quick (I promise!) moving meditation, and see how it grows (so to speak).

A moving meditation simply means allowing yourself to be fully present in the moment by regulating your breath, noticing your surroundings, and opening your mind to its infinite possibilities, usually while doing something. In my work as a small business owner and entrepreneur, I find the habits I have formed by doing moving meditations in the garden help me to be more productive and successful in achieving my business goals. Why not try it out and see if it works for you, too? My prediction is that the return on this small investment of time will surprise you. Original article here.

It is a very easy meditation and it can be done anywhere. If you have a garden then you can use this quick meditation technique in the garden to help you see the totality of possibilities for yourself.

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