Why Meditate You Ask?

Meditation is a common practice in today's world! It is the ultimate personal development technique.

Meditation is extended concentration. It means to concentrate on that which you are interested in. Meditation really works, it transforms lives. It is a major turning point for many people. If you look back at the history, meditation has been used by many people to awaken more personal power, creativity, energy and insight. They may not have called it meditation exactly, but anyone who closes their eyes and looks within falls into this category. Sometimes they call it internal imaging or reverie.

Many famous people meditated in the past like Ghandi, Plato, Churchill and Einstein. The reason these people practiced meditation is because it worked for them. And it still does for many others today. Many celebrities do it in the present day like Gwyneth Paltrow, David Lynch, Gisele Bundchen, Rivers Cuomo, Russell Simmons.

Meditation is a methodical, practical and very effective way to live life to its fullest potential.

So, Why Meditate You Ask?

Train your mind
Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, movement, visualisation, breath or attention itself, in order to increase aware

ness of the present mo-ment, reduce stress, promote relaxation and enhance emotional and personal growth. It is simply a technique of di-verting all thoughts and attention inwards. The idea is to just focus. The more you focus on one thing, which is of impo-rtance to you, the more at-tuned you get to yourself.


Like Nithya Shanti says, “Meditation is like a date with yourself.” It also eventually trains your mind to remain thoughtless. We are so pre-occupied with our daily chores and the worries associated with them, that we forget the actual capabilities of our minds. It is like a trek in the mountains, when you reach the top you realise the vastness of the universe, which we are oblivious of in our daily routines. It can be done com pletely by oneself or it could be guided.


The purpose is the same, only the means are different. In one case, we are directing our thoughts and mind into one direction ourselves and in the other case we are following someone else’s guidance and suggestions. Both eventually lead to a deep thoughtless state.

The practice of meditation is called so because it is recommended that one repeats it often to continue getting its benefits for a long time. It is something that the more we do, the better we get at it and out of it. Meditation helps us physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, but these are just a few areas out of the many, almost countless ones, where meditation benefits us.


Gains and benefits
Meditation helps us in focusing and concentrating. Since the technique to meditate itself involves focusing on a single sound or activity, it helps us concentrate better in other aspects as well. It could be simply focusing better on studies to more complex things like focusing on life goals. Since it helps us in focusing, it also gives us clarity of thought. The clearer our thoughts, the better our decisions and the more sorted our lives. Many major decisions in our lives are taken under pressure. The pressure is created by lack of time to think a situation through and a lack of clarity and priority. Both these reasons can be completely avoided through meditation.


Meditation also helps in de-cluttering the mind.When our mind is de-cluttered, our thoughts are simpler to understand and therefore our goals can be achieved almost effortlessly. Imagine how difficult it is for us to find a specific piece of clothing in a cluttered cupboard. Or to find something that you need urgently from a heap of things just lying around the house. That’s how tough it is for us to think clearly with a cluttered mind. A relaxed mind is like an organised cupboard. It is always easy to find what we want and exactly at the time we want it.


The regular practice of meditation also helps us in the avoidance of distractions and unnecessary thoughts. It helps us train our minds to follow the direction we want them to follow. It helps us get control of our thoughts and mind. Very often we find ourselves thinking negatively. At such times we face difficulty in diverting our minds to a more positive direction. With regular meditation it becomes almost effortless to control our thoughts and hence control our lives. Since meditation helps us in focusing on the positive, it automatically helps us in letting go of all the negative and painful feelings we are holding back. If we release the pain from incidences that still affect us, forgiving others becomes very easy. Imagine how light you would feel if you no longer held any grudges or if you had eradicated most of your negative thoughts about people and yourself? Full Article Here

So, why meditate? As you can see meditation has so many benefits that is impossible to list all of them here. My advice for you is just begin to meditate and you will reap the rewards. It will be the most wonderful personal experience you will ever enter into.

I hope you enjoy reading this article, and find the time to meditate daily. If you think others would benefit form this information, please share via the button below to spread the word around!

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